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PHYSIOGA ℠: Where physical therapy meets medical therapeutic yoga. This was created as a way to fuse eastern and western philosophies, bridging the gap in western medicine and utilizing what we know to be the the incredible benefits of eastern philosophy. PHYSIOGA ℠ Wellness addresses the whole person, not a shoulder or hip alone, as the body functions as a unit. Addressing not only the physical body through movement and nutrition but also considering the emotional or psychological stress and how that affects our function, recovery and at times progress in our journey towards feeling good and doing the activities we love.

At the age of 29 I was told "You have Multiple Sclerosis". I had just run my first two marathons and was extremely active. My life, at the time, felt shattered. This began me on an ongoing path towards improving my life, from every aspect. It's a work in progress, it always is. My passion for PHYSIOGA ℠ is fueled by my passion to improve my health and others whose lives have been impacted by a diagnosis, an injury, pain, or who want to feel better in their daily life. There is ALWAYS something you can do and I use the holistic approach through PHYSIOGA ℠ to help you return to the yoga practice or activity you love safely, without pain, and often even better than before :)

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