I was at my 'well-woman' physical the other day and they measured me as being 1/2 inch taller than last year.  In my socks!  They tried it twice because it was strange--the nurse kept saying--'you don't grow at your age, you shrink.' I think it was the physical therapy--the body mechanics--teaching me to stand up straighter, etc.  But it's kinda cool--for the first time in my life I'm 5'2 and 1/2!



I would like to express my deep gratitude during a critical part of my healing process.   Brandis, through her hands-on physical therapy, provided invaluable healing after a work-relate car accident.

Brandis carefully listened to each complaint and helped to loosen, relieve and start the retraining process for the muscles at issue.  She consistently demonstrated her extensive knowledge of the muscle system through deliberate small movements and corrections.  Brandis explained how I personally react to movements and everyday stresses.  She helped start the correction process of the persistent muscle memory pain that I presented with, already many months after the actual event.  The knowledge she shared ensures a much healthier future than I had thought possible.  It was a pleasure being her patient.

Brandis is a gem, amazing in knowledge, a positive attitude and well-balanced empathy.  If you have the chance to work with her or the honor of being her patient, take it.  Be honest and open about EVERY ailment as she can figure it out and provide relief through the most efficient movements coupled with your own commitment to execute her recommendations.



In February 2008 I was diagnosed with Parkinson’s disease. I soon learned I could mitigate my symptoms through forced paced cycling. That led to cycling across Iowa three times as well as climbing Mount Kilimanjaro. On the Kilimanjaro climb I met Brandis Gunderson, a courageous physical therapist who was a joy to be with. When Brandis moved to Seattle, our friendship deepened.  Soon after,  I developed a frozen right shoulder. After four cortisone shots, an x-ray and an MRI, my pain just got worse.  Brandis suggested she might be able to help.   She came to our house time after time to work, not only in my shoulder, but on aligning my whole skeletal system.

 After only three sessions my husband commented I looked like I was three inches taller. My pain decreased from a level nine with minimal extension of my elbow to a three with almost equal extensions on both sides of my body.  I could stand upright again and walk nearly normally.  I felt a sense of joy and rejuvenation as the result of  Brandis’ magic hands and deep knowledge of what she was doing.  Today my shoulder is frozen no more.

I’ve been to massage therapists and physical therapists, where I have to drive to the location, park, and wait my turn for my specific therapy appointment time. Having Brandis come to our home is so civilized. She is on time, utterly professional and caring to boot. Her delightful demeanor adds to the therapy session. I recommend her without qualification.

Nan Little, PhD

As a professional skier I constantly endure aches, pains and minor injuries. In February of 2012, right in the middle of my busy ski season, I experienced a bad ski accident that left me barely able to ski. I arrived to Bellingham with the intention of working with a film crew and a professional photographer, yet, I was in such bad shape my ability to work/ski was looking grim. Brandis came to the rescue and helped me with my pain. She was a great listener, worked on what was causing my discomfort and helped line me out with exercises I needed to keep the pain at bay. The fact that it was done in a home setting was fantastic - it was quite a relaxing environment which is a nice reprieve from some of the dreary doctors' offices that exist.

Elyse Saugstad, Professional Skier

Brandis' ability to train and educate people of proper body mechanics is amazing. We often move and breathe without much thought until something gets injured or isn't working properly. She has an in-depth grasp of the bones, ligaments, joints, muscles, and tissue that takes some of the mystery out and gives us tools or techniques that if performed correctly can bring about healing and even enhanced performance. I love Brandis' classes and highly recommend them to anybody wanting to improve their quality of life.

Oly S.

I've worked with Brandis on several occasions.  Every time I feel that I am working with someone that is highly knowledgable and addresses the issues I have properly. Being a professional athlete and often going through injuries any time that I end up injured, I work with Brandis.

K.C. Deane, Professional Skier and Mountain Biker

Brandis is so knowledgeable and professional, yet is able to make the physiology of exercise very understandable.

Phyllis A.

Baker To Bay's Brandis Gunderson uses a hands on the body style that has proven more beneficial to me than the PTs I've been referred to in the past who hook you up to some machine and leave you alone in a dark room for 15 min at a time. The at home exercises she has assigned me contributed to relief in my shoulder and arm area where I fuss with calcium deposits.  I do her assigned PT sets every day and it gives me easier nights sleep and more mobility during the day without much pain. 

Sandi B.

We took Physioyoga from Brandis. My husband is not one for classes, especially exercise, but found that Brandis' teaching style was perfect for him! He then continued to see her for physical therapy for his back and was helped tremendously!


My back was actually crooked, and cramped every morning as I tried to get out of bed. Both have completely resolved after working with Brandis.

Mike A.

Sometimes fabulous healing people enter your life when you find yourself in an instant the receiver of a misfortunate accident...It was my first time going to Baker to Bay and I found Brandis and Pandora worked on me in a gentle and kind manner to strengthen my core and to keep me continuing exercises to follow through after we were done...Professional, caring and team work helping me through pain management... I'm thankful and would never hesitate to use their services again.

Rena B.

Baker to Bay gave me compassionate and skillful care. They helped me create a maintenance regime that has served me well.  I always felt better when I left than when I got there.

Lan T.

Brandis is a fantastic practitioner who listens when designing exercises to help strengthen and stabilize your muscles and adds or tweaks aspects based on your goals and current abilities. I would highly recommend her for your physical therapy needs!

Lindsay S.